With the overwhelming breakthrough of social media, search engine optimization and mobile marketing, it is safe to say email marketing is on the verge of death, right? Wrong. With more than half of the planet using email as a method of communication, email marketing is a way to connect directly with your audience.Beyond the reach you can have, email marketing has a ton of benefits, and once you understand what it is and how it works you will want to get started right away.

What is email marketing?
Email marketing is a type of direct marketing is simply the use of email to promote your business.

What are the key benefits of email marketing?
It’s widely used as an efficient way for companies to reach a large group of people with the right information, build brand awareness, and increase sales in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Email marketing is one of the best and fastest ways to communicate to a larger group of people at one time.

Targeted Audience
Placing ads in the newspaper or on the highway, are a thing of the past. With email marketing we are able to send to a targeted list of people. You are able to segment customers to ensure that they are receiving content specifically for them. Which means that you are able to get the right people the right information faster.

Much of the spam email we all get today with promotions and deals’ is a good example of email marketing at its worst.Email marketing should be used as a tool to build relationships. Sending a few emails showing people who you are and what you do, builds trust.

Perhaps the most appealing advantage of email marketing is the return on investment. According to an eMarketer study, the median email marketing ROI is 122%. That’s four times higher than any other digital marketing channel, including social media (28%), direct mail (27%), and paid search (25%).

There are countless benefits of email marketing for your business. Mainly it all comes down to the fact that email marketing is a quick, cost effective, and delivers exceptional results. All in all, it’s a highly effective marketing tool that should be an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy.