We’ve reached the tipping point to where it is essential for businesses (small & large) to have, and maintain, a social media presence. While we aren’t going to give you the “do’s” of social media, that is what we are here for, we will tell you what mistakes to avoid.

Dismissing Social Media
Many people believe that social media is not the right fit for their company’s demographic or industry. Ten years ago, this may have been true. However, with 79% of the US population using on or more forms of social media, it has penetrated all layers of society.

Making it All About You
Social media isn’t just about promoting your brand, it’s about connecting with your target audience. To be successful on social media, you should try and stick to the 70/30 rule. 70% of your posts should have information that users will find useful (time-saving tips, money-saving tips, how-to-do-it yourself tips, and/or free samples or workshops) as well as sharing photos, videos and/or links. 30% of your posts should be dedicated to advertising your website and business products or services.

Infrequent Posting
The negative affect of infrequent posting is that, above all, it looks unprofessional. If you think of social media in terms of a business interaction. Infrequent posting makes you look flakey, unreachable, and dismissive. Social media marketing should be approached the same way as any other marketing campaign. You should have specific goals, budget, and a concrete plan that will outline exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Failing to Engage with Customer
Social media is as much about engagement with other people as it is about sharing content. It’s why we call it “social” media. When a person responds or comments, be sure to reply. Every comment a customer posts presents an opportunity to communicate with the customer directly. Don’t limit yourself to just responding, engaging with customers posts is equally important.

Not Paying to Play
By paying to promote your post, you will increase your number of followers, get traffic to your website, capture email leads, create engagement, and so much more! Not to mention, the budget is in your full control. There is no other advertising that will put your business in front of so many people every day for a low cost.

Social media is not a one-size fits all type of marketing. It requires time, expertise, and a lot of planning. If you need help trying to avoid all of these mistakes, reach out to Root Creative Marketing.